M1 Test Prep Quizz

Are you Ontarian and dreaming of:

  • riding a big and heavy cruiser?
  • enjoy picturesque ride over Cabot Trail on your touring bike?
  • riding a sport bike as a track day enthusiast?..
No matter what exactly - in Canada getting your motorcycle license starts from passing a knowledge test (M1 license in Ontario, learner license etc. - different names for the same thing).

Preparation gets quicker and easier with these free quizzes. Don't waste your time learning basic road rules, get to the motorcycle theory right away (like controls of a bike, counter steering, blocking positions, staggered formation, lane splitting, shoulder checks etc. - all what's needed for M1 license)! Advices, comments and questions from riding experts - all these and much more is in this site and the "M1 Test Prep/M1 Prep" mobile app available on App Store and Google Play.

Live free, ride safe!